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…and DaWord made it to BLOG FESTIVAL

Originally posted on BLOG FESTIVAL   BLOG FESTIVAL | CAN I BE LOVED THE SAME? | BY MARY OTUNBA The distance in our hearts kept growing bigger and bigger, it was as if I did not know him anymore. I thought I could bridge the gap between with consistent calls and texts but to no avail. For almost four hours or more, I kept tossing on the bed, I could not close my eyes to sleep because I was in deep thought of him. It’s so hard, I just needed to find solace somewhere. “Can he at least take me serious for … Continue reading …and DaWord made it to BLOG FESTIVAL

He had compassion on them

“this is My commandment, that you love one another as I loved you. “… this is more than just saying – love your neighbor as yourself. it is invariably saying -love even when its not certain you will be loved in return. love sincerely and wholeheartedly even if the other end isn’t reciprocating Dont forget, Jesus had compassion on them………..(selah) Live beyond the principle of give and take. When its seems frustrating to doing remember how much love God has unleashed and is still unleashing on us as his own, remember how unconditional this is and just keep loving. Life … Continue reading He had compassion on them

Gift and Gifting

Gifts are natural ability or talent deposited by divinity in humanity and its use by such man glorifies Him.

Your talent are God-given gift in built in you, not learnt, inherited or trained to have.

Gift and talent virtually mean the same thing; in this write up I would be careful to get us acquainted with the two words. Let’s explore it under 3 different sub


When a man uses his gift, doors are open unto him. We must know that: our talent might be the blessing of others

Our talent might bGift 1e the salvation of others

Our talent might be the deliverance of others

Our talent might also be the victory of others

But when we keep hiding it inside of us those people who are to be blessed by us remain poor, those ones who are to be saved and delivered through the use of our talent remain in the world all because we have decided to keep the gift raw inside of us.

Nations, world and people are looking out and are seriously awaiting you. No one can be you because there is no other you; no one can be me because there is no other me, we can only be ourselves.

There are one thousand and one singers out there in the world but the world awaits you to make a difference and shine out with distinct. Heaven is opened on a man that uses his gift. You must know that for every provision made by God, there is always resources made available both in quantity and in quality.

You have a unique feature and special gift deposited inside of you to stand out in whatever line you have chosen. The use of your gift will put food on your table (Proverbs 10:4b) and make you stand before kings, queens and not mere men. (Proverbs 12:24)


Everything a man has been given by God is a TRUST. We would give account of how well we have used and handled it. Our gift is a debt- we do not own it! It

Gift 2’s not ours! We would give detailed account to God who gave it to us. Don’t forget;

Mathew 25:23 “The master said, ‘Well done, my good and faithful servant. You have been faithful in handling this small amount, so now I will give you many more responsibilities. Let’s celebrate together!’

One funny thing about our talent is that we would pay it back, to who? You might ask… to God of course. Being indebted is a state of owing. You owe God your gift. Use it for him; most gifted people started from church. There’s no small gift. It seem so little inside of you today would become something very big if only you can make good use of it.


As much as we know that God owns our gift and he alone takes the glory of it, we must also not forget that this same gift can be used to trying our faith. Your gift is going to try you. One’s gift can draw one away from God and it can as well move one closer to God. Be careful not to use it wrongly. “There’s no wrong gift but its use might be wrong”Gift 3

Humble your gift before Him. We must come to the knowledge of the truth that when we stand under the hand of God, it lifts us high. Our gift would try us! The best way a man can respond to a gift is to love the giver of the gift. He orders ones steps and direct us on how one should use which he has deposited inside of us.


Our talent stands us out from the crowd.

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Every morning, I look in the mirror and say, “I could have done these things better yesterday PT 2


Bringing it back home!

How about;


She said I discovered music. I am a success full thanks to my lyrics which deal with Africa and everyday life things with lots of irony.


She is described as the African fashion designer who is ‘’best placed to interpret our cultural diversity and artistry, our earthiness and mystery, our colors warmth and passion of the African woman in her simplicity and elegance,’’

Biodun Shobanjbiodun shoo is the CEO of the new [reality TV series, The Apprentice Africa]

I was young when I left Grant advertising and young people are very daring to me, so it didn’t cross my mind that I wouldn’t make it. Again, without meaning to be immodest, I really have never failed in my life. If you’re not used to failing you don’t even contemplate failure.


The discussion of self-made men was the discussion of “manhood itself, and this in its broadest and most comprehensive sense.


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Every morning, I look in the mirror and say, “I could have done these things better yesterday PT 1

There lived a rich man who catered and cared for his only son ever since he lost his wife. The son knew all along that he is the only heir to the father’s property. The father brought him up in a way that the son is not moved by the father’s property. One evening, after his 60th birthday, He called his son and said to him;

My son, I had to face a lot coming through this journey, a lot of sacrifices, difficulties, challenges and injuries.

          I’ve learned that fear limit you and your vision.

Every morning, I look in the mirror and say, “I could have done these things better yesterday- use your style to get anything done”

Finally; my son, transform any fear whatsoever into freedom to ply this route.

The son looked at his father while he lay back to sleep after this words…..

Then, he taught to himself and said.

I don’t care what seem to be,
I don’t mind how rough the road
I don’t care how long it takes
I must be a success!!!

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